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Temporary Position facilitates happenings that expand on ideas of narrative and share spaces for conversations.

Here you can find upcoming and ongoing invitations. Please get in touch if you have an idea you'd like to put forward.


30 Minutes From: A Walk — Marianna Ebersoll

2021 - Present

Every day we navigate the city in our own worlds, plugged into various technologies that track our paths. What happens we all listen in to the same audio file at the same time, following the same instructions and walking to the same meeting point? A 30 minute guided audio piece will bring you towards our destination. There, we will discuss and share images, thoughts and reflections from our walks, connecting our experiences to form a shared archive.

Prompted by Covid-19 restrictions this invitation has been extended to wherever you may be, whenever you get there. Rather than meeting at one time and space, as originally planned, we will now meet on a collaborative google doc where images, thoughts and reflections from our walks will connect our experiences, forming a shared archive. In the guide there will be suggested routes that can be used as reference for your own walk, but you can take part in this exercise whenever and wherever is possible for you.

Download the PDF package here