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Temporary Position facilitates happenings that expand on ideas of narrative and share spaces for conversations.

Here you can find upcoming invitations as well as the archive. Please get in touch if you have an idea you'd like to put forward.


De-Choiring: a workshop for new approaches to scoring — Megan Alice Clune, Nicole Pingon, Chanel Tobler, and Mara Schwerdtfeger

21 + 22 May, 2022
PACT, Pheonix Central Park, Chippendale, Sydney / Eora

De-Choiring brings together four artists to facilitate an interactive performance workshop. Vocalisations, gestures, and sound making will be communicated through new methods of score making. Leading the workshops are musician and composer Megan Alice Clune, visual artist Chanel Tobler, theatre maker Nicole Pingon, and composer and curator Mara Schwerdtfeger. Together as composers and performers, we will experiment in bringing together voices with experimental communication and interpretation.

Upon arrival, you will be provided with a score book. The scores will be accessible in their notation, floating between graphic elements, instructio nal text and abstract video. The four sessions (approx. 45min. each) will run in two blocks wherein the artists will teach the language of the score, run a short explanatory exercise based around the piece’s ideas and techniques, and finally, perform the score with you.



Developing the Body Text — Zoe Baumgartner, Alice Weber

18 February, 2022
PACT, Erskineville, Sydney / Eora

Developing the Body Text explores how typefaces can become a form of bodily expression.

Led by multidisciplinary designer Zoe Baumgartner and dance artist Alice Weber, we recorded our gestures, movements, and positions to collectively build a typeface.

30 Minutes From: A Walk — Marianna Ebersoll


Every day we navigate the city in our own worlds, plugged into various technologies that track our paths. What happens we all listen in to the same audio file at the same time, following the same instructions and walking to the same meeting point? A 30 minute guided audio piece will bring you towards our destination. There, we will discuss and share images, thoughts and reflections from our walks, connecting our experiences to form a shared archive.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are making some adjustments to the original happening and extending this invitation to wherever you may be. Rather than meeting as originally planned, we will now meet on a collaborative google doc where images, thoughts and reflections from our walks will connect our experiences, forming a shared archive. In the guide there will be suggested routes that can be used as reference for your own walk, but you can take part in this exercise whenever and wherever is possible for you.

Download the PDF package here

Memory Images: An Electronic Image Performance — Veronica Charmont

25 August 2021

Sifting through virtual spaces and memories through images, text and sound, current web resident Veronica Charmont reveals her process of gathering, researching and archiving via her desktop.

Watch the performance here

Visit Veronica's web residency Memory Images here

Listen to Veronica's playlist here