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Temporary Position facilitates happenings that expand on ideas of narrative and share spaces for conversations.

Here you can find an archive of past happenings.

Temporary Position: Powerhouse Late
Esther Carlin, M@ Cornell + Romain Hassanin, Karen ann Donnachie + Andy Simionato, Shareeka Helaluddin, Naomi Kent, Lèlè (Yongpin Ren + Benjamin Woods), Jenn Tran, Stephanie Overs, Tais Rose Wae

11 May 2023
Powerhouse Ultimo, Eora Sydney

Temporary Position presents an evening that examines the stories of translation and tensions that occur in the shift between analogue and digital technologies.
Supported by the Powerhouse’s collection, artists and practitioners explore these narratives through dance, weaving, music, and film.

Reading in the Presence of Others
M@ Cornell, Harrison Rae, Jan Idle, Angelica Waite

2 April 2023
Darlinghurst Studio, Eora Sydney

As an active regeneration of texts, Reading in the Presence of Others invites immediacy and impressions as four writers present live readings. Between academic writing and emotional expression, this event aims to blur the borders between the hierarchy of (con)texts. The ephemeral nature of speaking transcendes the permanence of print publishing and invites momentary responses from the listener.

De-Choiring: a workshop for new approaches to scoring — Megan Alice Clune, Nicole Pingon, Chanel Tobler, and Mara Schwerdtfeger

21 + 22 May 2022
Phoenix Central Park, Eora Sydney

De-Choiring brings together four artists to facilitate an interactive performance workshop. Vocalisations, gestures, and sound making will be communicated through new methods of score making. Leading the workshops are musician and composer Megan Alice Clune, visual artist Chanel Tobler, theatre maker Nicole Pingon, and composer and curator Mara Schwerdtfeger. Together as composers and performers, we will experiment in bringing together voices with experimental communication and interpretation.

Listen to Reflecting on De-Choiring broadcasted on Radio shbshb here
Photos by Anna Kučera

Developing the Body Text — Zoe Baumgartner, Alice Weber

18 February, 2022
PACT, Eora Sydney

Developing the Body Text explores how typefaces can become a form of bodily expression.
In an open workshop led by multidisciplinary designer Zoe Baumgartner, and dance artist Alice Weber, we recorded our gestures, movements, and positions to collectively build a typeface. The workshop investigated how the cross-overs between dance and typography can help us better understand communication, and how our bodies can be harnessed as both process, performance and outcome.

Crawling Towards the Clear Brook — Nina Overkott

1 October — 31 December 2021

Crawling towards the clear brook is a visual exploration of possibilities of algorithmic botany. Built using P5.js, it was created in a time of personal and shared turmoil and exhaustion, while longing for realignment of organic rhythms and creative work.

The webpage is created as a potential garden — a plot of freshly ploughed land, in which snippets of code can be planted like seeds and left to develop and grow over the course of three months. Crawling towards the clear brook asks how natural rhythms influence the process of writing code. Like watching the slow growth of a sprout, we visualise the journey that occurs when instant processes of calculation are slowed and stretched for witnessing.

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Memory Images: An Electronic Image Performance — Veronica Charmont

25 August 2021

Sifting through virtual spaces and memories through images, text and sound, previous web resident Veronica Charmont reveals her process of gathering, researching and archiving via her desktop.

Watch the performance here
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Memory Images — Veronica Charmont

1 July — 30 September 2021

What actually is an image? A feeling, a daydream, a drawing, a sound, a photo, a film still, a print, a screenshot. If we take a step back and investigate the feeling that compels individuals to capture a moment, to take a photograph one’s reality, what will or can be found? A story, experience, or view of the world? A reference or memory.
Memory Images is an exploration into the image, starting at the most commonly thought of method of image making (photography). By taking off at this point, the project then takes a deeper consideration into what other mediums or methods can also take the form of, or allude to an image.

Visit Veronica's web residency Memory Images here
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